Try not to think about breast cancer. About the number of families it leaves devastated each year. The number of children motherless, the number of husbands wifeless and the number of parents who see their grown up babies die before their time. Breast cancer is a horrible, horrible disease. But there are a few things that we can do to reduce our risk of getting it and breastfeeding is one of them.

Breastfeeding can protect us against breast cancer. It reduces our risk of breast cancer. Breastfeeding protects you from Breast Cancer.

Breastfeeding gives you some protection from getting breast cancer. The more you breastfeed, the more protection you get.

For every year of breastfeeding, you get a 4% risk reduction. And you get a 7% reduction for each child that you have. The younger you are when you have your first child, the more protection you get.

How can I reduce my risk of breast cancer?

• Breastfeeding

• Don’t take HRT

• Watch your weight after menopause

Breastfeeding is one of the things that you can do to help reduce your chance of betting breast cancer.

Avoid HRT as they contain oestrogen that increases your oestrogen level and risk of cancer too.

Keep healthy, especially after the menopause. Being overweight after the menopause increases your risk.

Self examination

It is recommended that you examine your breasts every month. If you are over 50 you will get called to have a mammogram as part of the breast cancer screening program. It’s important to pick up on signs and symptoms early so that you have a better outcome.

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