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About Cancer Care Centre

About Us: Dr Bindra’s Superspecialty Clinics

Cancer Care Centre is committed to provide the best cancer care to its patients.

Through effective treatment and evolving integrative holistic medicine, the centre aims to fight against cancer and help every patient live a more wholesome, fulfilling and rewarding life. Under young visionary leadership of Dr.MS Bindra, a renowned physician and exceptional academician in Homeopathy, with excellence in clinical research and marvellous experiences, Cancer Care Centre continues to be a wonderful ray of hope, faith and care for thousands of people suffering from Cancer across the globe. Centered in medical hub of North India, Ludhiana makes it an easy access and commutation for people in every corner of the country to visit us for their treatment. Those who are unable to visit or are in remote areas are provided healthcare facility with best technology available under the sky.

With advance innovational research & compassionate services, Cancer Care Centre is committed to provide you the world class Cancer Care Treatment across the globe. Being well versed with latest innovational medical updates we are dedicated to provide the best possible treatment to our patients. The comprehensive range of healthcare services available at Dr.Bindra’s & Cancer Care Centre ensure that, whatever your ailment, you will always receive the best possible medical care.

Cancer Care Centre – a state of art world class integrative holistic medicine cancer care clinic where apart from Immune Targeted Cancer treatment, holistic medicine protocols and many other world renowned cancer care protocols have been clinically evaluated to make the cancer treatment more effective, affordable and safe, keeping in view a big limitation of conventional system in cancer care with huge costs, life threatening side effects and poor recovery results.