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Oral Cancer

Homeopathy Oral Cancer Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab

Cancer is known as uncontrollable cell growth which invades and results in damage to the surrounding tissues. One of the cancer types is oral cancer which appears in the form of growth or sore in the mouth which needs immediate treatment. Oral cancer can occur in the following parts:

  • Lips
  • Tongue
  • Cheeks
  • The floor of the mouth
  • Hard and soft palate
  • Sinuses
  • Throat

Let’s Fight Against Cancer

Early diagnosis and treatment can help to deal with this problem. For safe and effective results, people are opting for homeopathic treatment for normal to chronic health issues. DR. M S Bindra who is running the best homeopathic Oral Cancer clinic for 11 years has helped many cancer patients. He is the best homeopathy oral Cancer doctor for his different treatment approaches. His homeopathic oral cancer medicine ensures the patient feels themselves again and that too without any side effects.
To make you aware, the homeopathy oral cancer treatment cost will vary for other patients. This is because our doctor follows an individualized treatment approach.

What are the symptoms of mouth cancer?

Symptoms can vary from patient to patient, although if you have some signs as mentioned below then consult the doctor:

  • Weight loss
  • Ear Pain
  • Voice changes
  • Jaw pain or swelling
  • Problem chewing or swallowing
  • Problem moving the jaw or tongue
  • Mouth pain that doesn’t go away
  • Lips, mouth, or cheek lump or start becoming thick
  • Tongue, lip, or another area of the mouth feel numb
  • A sore on the lip or in the mouth that doesn’t heal
  • A lump or mass in the neck or back of the throat
  • Gums, tongue, tonsil, or lining of the mouth has a red or white patch
  • Dentures that start to fit poorly or become uncomfortable
  • Loosening of the teeth or pain around the teeth

What are the ways to prevent oral cancer?

  • You need to stop smoking and if you drink, then make sure it is done in moderation. The binge habit of both these conditions is not safe.
  • Follow a proper diet plan.
  • Limit sun exposure. If you are going out then make sure to wear the sunblock religiously.

What are the risk factors of oral cancer?

Some of the major risk factors are mentioned below:

  • Smoking cigarettes or any other types. Studies have shown that such people have 6 times higher chances of developing oral cancer.
  • Even smokeless tobacco increases the risk of snuff, dip, or chewing tobacco products.
  • Family history of cancer
  • Excessive sun exposure at a young age

Important Note

Keep in mind that 25% of oral cancer cases are diagnosed in individuals who do not smoke but they drink occasionally.

What are the causes of oral cancer?

Mouth cancer cells are formed on the mouth or lips when DNA mutations occur in the mouth. The cell DNA gives instructions on what they have to do. The cells keep on diving and growing themselves & eventually they start forming a tumor.
This cancer type is formed in the thin and fat cells which are known as squamous cells and their presence is inside the mouth. Although, the exact reason is still not known why the mutations occur if they do so then you are at increased risk of getting oral cancer.

How can I detect oral cancer?

You can yourself detect oral cancer and here’s how you need to do it:

  • Do a self-examination every month
    Use a bright light & mirror and then you need to feel the front gums and lips. After that, tilt your head and feel the mouth roof.
    Pull the cheeks outside and check the inner surface and even the backside of the gums. In case, you feel a lump or any of the above-mentioned symptoms then you need to consult the doctor.
  • Never miss out on your dentist appointment
    Along with self-examination, you must visit the dentist regularly. The dentist will perform the oral examination and detect if there is any problem. Early detection means successful treatment.

What is a homeopathic treatment for oral cancer at our cancer care centre?

Dr. M S Bindra main approach is to make sure that once you step into our cancer centre you feel better. The main approach of our homeopathy treatment is to:

  • Reduce the severity of symptoms
  • Make you feel better to do your daily stuff.
  • Palliative care will be started on time for immediate relief
  • Emotional support throughout the treatment journey. We know cancer treatment can be stressful and affect mental peace.

Success story of the Oral Cancer Patient treated by Dr. M S Bindra

Manav Singla, Jaipur
I have been in the habit of smoking and drinking since my college days. Although I stopped smoking, I was later diagnosed with oral cancer. My symptoms were severe at that time and one of my family members introduced me to Dr. M S Bindra. I did some research about the doctor and I was sure that I wanted to get the homeopathic treatment from him. So, I flew down to Ludhiana to get the consultation. His genuineness and experience blew me away and I was confident that I would get better. Now, it has been 2 years and I am feeling myself again. There are no side effects or unwanted problems when you undergo homeopathy treatment. My utmost gratitude towards the doctor.

What is the outlook for oral cancer patients?

  • The survival rate for patients who are diagnosed at the early stage is 84%.
  • In case cancer has spread to nearby organs, tissues, or lymph nodes then the survival rate is around 65%.

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