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Pediatric Cancer Care Treatment

Pediatric Cancer Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab

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Homeopathy Pediatric Cancer Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab Hearing the term cancer is upsetting and scary in itself. But, when a child is diagnosed with cancer it makes everyone’s world go upside down. Childhood is the time for them to enjoy their life, play sports, and do every kind of fun activity. But, after undergoing the treatment it changes their body no one would have ever imagined. So, many questions come to the parent’s mind:

  • Whom should I consult for the treatment?
  • Will my child feel better?
  • How will this phase change my life?

Do you know? You can get your treatment naturally and more safely – Homeopathic Treatment. Dr. M.S.Bindra is a well-known homeopathy specialist of pediatric cancer in India. Being an homeopathic doctor he can provide an individualized homeopathic treatment approach for your child’s cancer care and how effectively the cancer symptoms can be managed.

Cancer is common among children

Cancer growth is common among children. Knowing what kind of treatment will suit your child the best will make it much easier to get effective results. Taking advantage of the newer treatment approach which is free from the side-effects is what you need. Our doctor specializes in giving cancer treatment in homeopathy.

Safe, Fast, and Natural

A study done on homeopathic treatment trials

A few years back, one of the well-known groups conducted high-quality trials to understand how effective homeopathy treatment is. Well! The results were not only perfect but they were better as compared to any other treatment plan. Around 90% of the homeopathic trials must be omitted. Around 30 remedies were found which were useful for the MB Therapy. Hodgkin, right. Acidum arsenicosum, Calcium fluoricum, Ceanothus, Cali salts, Natrium chloratum, Scrophularia nodosa, and several more are considered as the primary therapy. The focus was done to understand the symptoms and then accordingly provide the treatment plan. In the study, around 60% of the patients were treated as they were given the standard of care.

Types of Cancer in Children

If we look back in the past, the children diagnosed with cancer and death which occurs due to the same had a high success rate. Although, the cancer death rate for this group has declined by 65% and it is one of the leading reasons for death from cancer among children. Among the children b/w the age group of 0 to 14 the most common cancer types is:

  • Leukemias
  • Lymphomas
  • Brain and another central nervous system (CNS) tumors

Treatment approach for Homeopathic Child Cancer

Our doctor will work with you and tell your family what role they need to play. This is what is known as following the treatment through a multidisciplinary team. Your child will get extra support services like what diet plan they should follow, how the symptoms can be managed and working with a counselor. The doctor will make you familiar with the special activities and programs which they need to follow throughout the treatment. Keep in mind that the child’s cancer care treatment plan will include the way symptoms need to be managed along with side effects. Treatment options and recommendations will depend on the following:

Cancer type
Cancer Stage
Possible side effects
Patient preference for overall health

‘Take your time, there is no need to hurry about anything, and give yourself enough time to get answers to all your questions. Make sure you make your child familiar with the treatment plan and let them know what changes they need to make if any are suggested by the doctor. Shared Decision Making is of utmost importance when it comes to taking care of your children.

Palliative Treatment To Manage The Child Cancer

We all know cancer leads to physical, emotional, and social effects. Our doctor can help to manage all of these through palliative care or supportive care. It is an essential treatment part that helps to slow, stop, or eliminate cancer. With palliative care, the focus is put on improving the way how your child feels while undergoing the treatment and the way symptoms will be managed.
Will the cancer type or stage make any difference?
No! No matter what cancer type of cancer stage a person has, they can receive this care. It even works better when the treatment is started right after the diagnosis.

What are the benefits of palliative treatment care?

People who get this approach started right after the diagnosis will notice the following benefits:

  • Fewer side effects
  • Improved quality of life
  • Highly satisfied with the treatment

What all is included in the palliative treatment plan?

Palliative treatment will vary for every individual and mostly it includes the following:

  • Medication
  • Nutritional Changes
  • Relaxation technique
  • Emotional and Spiritual Support
  • Additional therapy

Get a specific treatment plan

Before treatment begins, make sure to consult the doctor regarding the treatment plan and what are your goals. You should also discuss the possible side effects which come with the treatment and what specific care options are best suited.
If you have any concerns, then the health care team will answer them, to make sure that you have peace of mind no matter what.