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Bladder Cancer Treatment

Bladder Cancer Treatment In Ludhiana, Punjab

Homeopathy Bladder Cancer Treatment In Ludhiana, Punjab, Bladder cancer is one of the cancer types. As the name suggests it originates from the bladder, which is a balloon-shaped organ in the pelvic area. Its primary purpose is to store urine. The prevalence is more common in older adults.  We all know the side effects and problems which come with the conventional treatment approach.

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Homeopathy Bladder cancer Treatment cost will depend on what are the results of the diagnosis, cancer stage, and whether it has spread to other body parts. Your search for the best homeopathic Bladder cancer Specialist will be over once you consult him.
Do you know?
The cases of bladder cancer in India are less than 1 million.

What are the types of bladder cancer?

Depending on the type of bladder cancer you have, our homeopathic doctor will prepare the best treatment plan for you.

Transitional cell carcinoma These types of cancer cells occur inside the bladder lining. These cells will grow themselves when the bladder is full and contract when it is empty. As per the stats, it is the most common type among the three.
Squamous cell carcinoma The growth of these cancer cells occurs with irritation and infection. With time they may become cancerous. Although, this one is rare. The chances of its occurrence are higher when there is an increased risk of parasitic infection.
Adenocarcinoma With these types of cells, there will be mucus-secreting glands in the bladder.

What are the causes of Bladder Cancer?

Although, it is not clear why bladder cancer occurs. Some of the studies have pointed out that it is linked to smoking, chemical exposure, radiation, and parasitic infection. Bladder cancer occurs when cancer cells start to grow uncontrollably in the bladder. Due to the DNA mutations, the cells start to grow and divide in excess which eventually leads to a tumor.

What are the symptoms of Bladder Cancer?

Some of the common symptoms of bladder cancer are mentioned below:

  • Blood in the urine (Medically, it is referred to as hematuria)
  • Urine may appear bright red or cola-colored. Or urine may appear normal. The doctor will detect the blood presence by examining urine through the microscope
  • Frequent urination
  • Painful urination
  • Back pain
  • Pelvic pain

What are the possible risk factors?

As we have mentioned above, smoking increases the risk of bladder cancer. Research has shown that smoking causes bladder cancer by 50% in men and women. Given below are the factors which increases your risk of getting bladder cancer:

  • Exposure to cancer-causing harmful chemicals/agents
  • Chronic bladder infections
  • Low fluid consumption
  • Being male
  • Being white
  • The occurrence of bladder cancer is higher in older age, especially when the person is 55
  • Eating a high-fat diet
  • Someone in your family had bladder cancer in the past
  • In the past, you have undergone chemotherapy treatment by the drug named Cytoxan
  • Undergone radiation therapy in the past to get the treatment for cancer
Urinalysis Check the internal area of the body. During this, the doctor will insert a glove into the vagina or rectum to feel for any lump presence. If so, then it indicates cancerous growth.
Cystoscopy During this, the doctor will insert a narrow tube that has a camera attached to the end. It is passed through the urethra to have a better look at the bladder.
Biopsy A biopsy is basically getting a tissue sample of the bladder to check them under the microscope for better evaluation.
CT Scan Through CT Scan the bladder will be closely checked.
IVP (Intravenous pyelogram) To help diagnose the kidney infection

What are the stages of bladder cancer?

The doctor will use the staging system to rate bladder cancer. The bladder cancer staging goes from Stage 0 to Stage 4.

Stage 0 Cancer cells are not spread way beyond the bladder lining.
Stage 1 Cancer cells have spread past the bladder lining but it has not reached the layer of muscle in the bladder.
Stage 2 Cancer cells have spread to the muscle layer in the bladder.
Stage 3 Cancer cells have reached the surrounding bladder tissues.
Stage 4 Cancer cells have reached the surrounding body organs

The given-below graphics represent the staging in a better manner:

What is the homeopathic treatment for bladder cancer?

At our cancer care centre, we suggest the cancer management plan depending on the following factors:

  • Type of cancer
  • Stage of cancer
  • The overall health of the person

Here are some of the aspects which are followed to prepare a homeopathic cancer management treatment:

  • Managing the pain: With different cancer types, the person faces excess pain and the same goes with bladder cancer. Intake of conventional medications will help but the after-effects are what creates a lot of problems. Even if you take the dosage in the given amount, there will be issues. This is the reason, you need to take homeopathic medications as they effectively control the pain without giving you any side effects.
  • Improves your overall well-being: This is what makes homeopathy different from other treatments as it focuses on improving your overall well-being.
  • Dealing with the side-effects: With homeopathy treatment, the side effects which come after radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or any other treatment can be dealt with easily.
  • Improves the emotional stress: With cancer treatment, it is normal for the person to have the feeling of anxiety, depression, and fear. Undergoing the homeopathy treatment will help you to effectively deal with these emotions.

What are the ways to prevent bladder cancer?

Although, there is no guaranteed way to prevent bladder cancer. But, you can take some things into account to reduce its chances:

  • Do not smoke
  • Follow safety measures when you work with chemicals
  • Make sure to have healthy fruits and vegetables

Outlook for people with bladder cancer

Well! The outlook will depend on different factors like type and stage of cancer. In the given-below graphics, we have mentioned the 5-year survival rate of bladder cancer: