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Tongue Cancer

Tongue Cancer Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab

Tongue Cancer Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab: Tongue Cancer is one of the major cancer types which starts from the
tongue. The place where cancer originates will make its name different. For example:
First 2/3rd of tongue Oral cancer
Back of the tongue Throat cancer

Undergoing the Homeopathy Tongue Cancer Treatment in Ludhiana on time will help you better manage your condition and there are high chances of getting it cured. The prevalence rate of tongue cancer is higher in men as compared to women. Some of the possible risk factors of tongue cancer are:

  • Regular usage of alcohol
  • Tobacco chewing
  • Getting exposed to radiation
  • Infection caused by papillomavirus

What are the types of tongue cancer?

Tongue cancer is categorized into 2 types depending on its origin. Cancer that develops on the tongue is known as squamous cell carcinoma, and these are:

Oral Tongue Cancer

Develops in squamous cells in the side of the tongue as oral cavity. It is easy to find and treatment should be done on time before it spreads to other body parts.

Hypopharyngeal or oropharyngeal tongue cancer

Cancer develops in the tongue base and it is not identified easily. This cancer spread in the tongue slowly and affect the:

  • Swallowing

  • Problem is speaking

How is tongue cancer diagnosed?

  • Know about your signs and symptoms

Our homeopathy doctor will diagnose your condition by understanding your signs and symptoms.

  • Physical examination

Once the doctor has understood your signs and symptoms, a physical examination is done by checking it visually and the affected area is looked for the swelling and lumps.

  • Endoscopy examination

The doctor will look for the hidden interior area of the oropharyngeal by doing an endoscopy examination.

  • Imaging tests

The doctor will ask you to get an X-ray, MRI scan, PET scan, and CT scan which makes it easier to understand the cancer size and shape. By doing so, it will be much easier to plan for the homeopathy treatment approach.

Homeopathy treatment for tongue cancer

Dr. M S Bindra who is having experience of many years has treated countless patients with his treatment approach. The homeopathy treatment is based on the holistic approach which is:

  • Safe for everyone
  • Patients of age can begin the treatment plan
  • Homeopathy is based on the natural law of cure

With a Homeopathy treatment plan, you will get everything that is all-natural and there are no side effects of any medicine. We all know, how does the conventional treatment for cancer leave side effects? Moreover, it is even hard for the patients to live a normal life. In case, you are experiencing trouble living a normal life after the cancer treatment then homeopathy provides you with palliative care which can help you get back to your normal life or improve your quality of life.

Cost of homeopathy tongue cancer treatment

The cost of tongue cancer treatment depends on your case. It means every cancer patient who visits our clinic will be thoroughly diagnosed and examined to customize the right treatment approach. Only after the initial consultation, will you be able to know how much the cost of homeopathy tongue cancer treatment is for you. If you are diagnosed with tongue cancer then schedule your initial consultation with us to plan for the right treatment plan.